Finding Your Niche: Exploring Science Careers

November 2 and 3, 2017

Recent reports suggest that only 30% of Ph.D. graduates obtain post-doctoral positions, while only 10% of post-docs obtain tenure-track positions. Because most of our students will likely be employed in positions outside of academia, it is crucial that we increase exposure to these students be exposed to opportunities to ensure students they are prepared for these career paths. To provide students with exposure to scientific career opportunities beyond academia, our club is hosting a Science Careers Fair on November 2 and 3, 2017. This free event will showcase careers from five different categories: science writing, public health/policy, environmental science, biotechnology/industry, and clinical microbiology. From each of these categories, we plan to invite 2-3 professionals from diverse backgrounds and representing all career stages to serve on panel discussions with groups of UNLV undergraduate and graduate students. We are aiming to showcase professionals from the local community, but may bring in members from areas outside of Las Vegas to generate a well-balanced assortment of science experts. In addition to these panel discussions, students will be addressed by an invited keynote speaker over lunch and will have the opportunity to network with science professionals during an evening reception and during our Vendor Fair.