Student membership is open to anyone interested in microbiology. The membership year runs along the same time frame as a regular UNLV academic year (Fall to Spring). Regular meetings are not held during the summer term.

To become a member, simply send an email with your name and phone number to us at:

Service Requirement:

All that is required to maintain full UNLV student chapter member status is participation in one bake-sale fundraiser annually. Participation includes donation of homemade baked goods (packaged for sale), running of the bake sale booth (often Valentine's Day and Halloween each year, 1 hour time slots), or buying out ($10 fee). There are plenty of outreach opportunities toparticipate in at the Boys and Girls Club just off campus (monthly events) in which we encourage volunteers to engage in, but these are completely optional! Special events will be announced as they come up!


New Members - $20 first year (includes an ASM T-shirt), $5 annually each year after

Current Members - $5 annually (Fall Semester renewal)

Membership dues are $5.00 per student for the entire academic year. Every $5.00 collected is matched with an equivalent donation from the School of Life Sciences to UNLV's ASM Student Chapter.